Our Mission

To establish our reach across the globe and supply safe, affordable and diverse range of products.

Our Values & Sustainability Commitments


We provide safe and Affordable Products


We Speak Truth. We have the courage to uphold our Values


We Listen, We Learn,
We Grow


Our employees are our pillars of Strength and Expertise.

With a presence spanning multiple continents, AVIAN delivers more than 250 healthcare products to patients worldwide. Where our impact reaches over a millions of individual each year. For more than a decade, we have succeeded in enriching global health by diligently supplying top-notch medicines and cutting-edge medical devices to individuals across the globe.

Our Commitment to Quality

Quality is the cornerstone of our operations. Every product that leaves our facilities undergoes stringent quality control measures to comply with international standards and regulations. We take pride in being entrusted with the well-being of countless individuals, and we do not compromise on safety, efficacy, or integrity at any stage of our operations.

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Our Founders

Founded by two visionary friends who shared a common passion for pharmacy with a dream to export and Market safe and affordable generic pharmaceuticals worldwide. Our company embarked on a remarkable journey in 2012 with the aspiration to revolutionize the healthcare industry through the exports of high-quality medicines and medical devices worldwide.

Our founders envisioned a world where access to safe and effective healthcare products knows no boundaries. Driven by this shared dream, they embarked on a mission to bridge the gap between manufacturers and international markets, facilitating the global distribution of medicines and medical devices.

Our Approach

Our Presence

Join Hands with
Avian for a Healthier World

As we reflect on our journey so far, we express gratitude to all our stakeholders who have made our growth possible. We now invite you to join us in our mission to build a healthier world together. Whether you are a healthcare institution, a distributor, or a manufacturer seeking global expansion, we are here to offer comprehensive solutions that align with your vision.

Together, let us push the boundaries of healthcare accessibility and make a positive impact on people's lives worldwide. Partner with us, and let's embark on a journey of transformative healthcare solutions.